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Spirit, Soul, Body 6-CD series

The moment we receive Christ and enter the Kingdom, we are new creations. In an instant our spirit is completely transformed into the image of Christ. In our spirits we are as much like God as we will ever be!

In this 6 part series, Dr. Grier clearly shows us that the success, and maturity of each and every believer rests in our willingness to allow God to work in our souls what he has completed in our spirits. Without the reigning influence of our renewed, Christ-directed spirit, we all are subject to the whims, weaknesses and faults of our fallen souls and bodies.

Titles include:

  • Let It Blow
  • God is Not Counting Your Sins Against You
  • The Law and Grace
  • Check Your Mind (Through the Knowledge)
  • Grace Teaches You to Say No
  • Overcoming the Flesh

Thou Art Loosed CD

Spirit, Soul, Body/Thou Art Loosed Bundle

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